nFRONTIER is a young innovation studio. We use the latest technologies to develop physical products and innovative business models, aiming to directly address the pressing social, environmental and economic challenges of our time.

At nFRONTIER we enable impact-driven innovation by virtuously creating physical products at the crossroads of the latest emerging technologies such as VR/AR, robotics, AI, computer animation and 3D printing, working in a wide variety of industries: mobility sector, architecture, consumer products, factory of the future and medical tech.

You will be part of our international multidisciplinary team consisting of architects, engineers, designers and 3D artists. We are looking for a 3D artist/animator who can help us bring our visions to life and grow our in-house animation and CGI production team.

You should be able to animate and 3D visualise our product design vision which could include morphing elements, soft body motions, cloth animation, moving mechanical assemblies, particles, lights and projections. The ideal candidate further has experience working with people of different creative backgrounds, a strong understanding of design and materials and the ability to simulate realistic setups.

Your role and responsibilities:

  • create visually appealing and exciting visuals/animations
  • prepare shots and sequences in 3D
  • look at development, both diagrammatic and photorealistic
  • modelling, lighting, shading, animation and compositing
  • mesh modelling and retopology of complex nurbs-based geometry
  • work closely with our project managers and ensure deadlines are met


  • good knowledge of our main pipeline: 3DS Max, V-Ray, After Effects
  • knowledge in Unreal Engine highly-desirable
  • good understanding of kinematics and animation principles
  • ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • ability to remain calm and professional under pressure
  • incredible attention to detail
  • flair for visual storytelling and narrative
  • excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • strong organisational and time management skills
  • self-starter and ability to work independently
  • a collaborative nature
  • good understanding of design and materials
  • ability to start working with us ASAP


  • extensive knowledge in Unreal Engine
  • knowledge of 3D, 2D and 2.5D motion graphics
  • Tyflow, Phoenix FD
  • knowledge in VR workflows
  • we are very adaptable, open to experimentation and the exploration of new tools and technologies. Knowledge in additional software is highly desirable and encouraged. Marvellous Designer, Fusion, Nuke, Maya, Blender, Houdini, Grasshopper, Substance Designer