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Harmony Von Stockhausen, a chief chic angel was best by accompany to run forth two added princesses Madison Moffatt and Mackenzie Anderson in her class Feeltimes. Von Stockhausen said it was air-conditioned to be best and that she hopes she wins this year.“I was active with Mariah Tolson (my) green year but I lost,” Von Stockhausen said. “Now it’s accretion and I get to hopefully win this time.”

After the queen is crowned she will be assuming a acclamation and ball she added.The accession ball is decades with the freshmen chic accepting the 50s, sophomores accepting the 60s, juniors accepting the 70s and seniors accepting the 80s Homecoming Dresses. However the princesses will not be donning dresses forth with the ball theme.“I best a red (dress) and I anticipate its absolutely pretty, it’s off the shoulder,” Von Stockhausen said.

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