How to get Australian Work Visa for Architects

Guide to Australian Working Visas for Architects

Australia needs qualified Architects. This geographically diverse continent with constantly evolving fusion of cultures is a perfect challenge for creative professionals. If you’re one of them, then your skills are currently in demand. (more…)

How to get U.S. Work Visa for Architects


Although the basic economics of architecture are the same everywhere / the business cycle is about 5-10 years between recessions no matter where you work/, there are some significant differences between architecture job markets across the globe. While new grads are struggling everywhere in the Western and Eastern world, it seems a bit easier for experienced architects seeking to migrate to find better job opportunities.  (more…)

How I found my architecture job in China – firsthand tips including the strategy that gave me a lot of job offers


I’ve spent last five years of my architectural life in China, living both in Beijing and Shanghai. After all those years, China, by far the largest of emerging markets for new buildings, still seems to be the promise land for architects with lots of various job opportunities. However, things are changing pretty fast here so you need to stay up to date with local market news and trends.  (more…)



American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) has released its 2015 Compensation Report, introducing a brand new feature: a free salary calculator which provides a unique view into architectural compensation. This salary calculator includes data from all U.S. respondents employed full-time providing mean and median salaries for 17 architectural staff positions – from Intern 1 to CEO, with breakdowns by geographic region and firm size. (more…)