About company: Tristate Air Conditioning

Founded in 2008, Tristate Air Conditioning Corp along with its subdivision Unique Duct Design is among the largest, most innovative, and highly-respected full-service HVAC manufacturing, installation, and service organizations in metropolitan New York. We serve clients with a unique, vertically-integrated menu of HVAC, sheet metal fabrication, and systems maintenance services. Tristate Air Conditioning is proud to be the HVAC contractor of choice for an ever-growing client base within our service territory, which embraces the five boroughs of New York City and Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island. This diverse client base includes the region’s premier construction companies and building, facilities, and institutional owners and managers for which Tristate has provided service on every type of project, from office buildings and corporate headquarters to shopping malls, hospitals, schools, research and development laboratories, pharmaceutical laboratories, and correctional facilities. This vertical integration of manufacturing, installation, and service in a ‘one-stop shop’ empowers Tristate to provide consistently superior workmanship and service at the industry’s most competitive prices. Clients benefit from and appreciate knowing that the vertical integration of Tristate services minimizes the uncertainties and variables associated with major capital project work while maximizing accountability, cost-effectiveness, job control, and results. In the interest of providing outstanding service at the most competitive prices, Tristate has evolved productive affiliations with various subcontractors to whom we may outsource specific projects. This selective subcontracting notwithstanding, Tristate maintains a constant presence at each job site through the provision of our core competencies being the sheet metal fabrication and installation thus ensuring that the level of service, workmanship, and professionalism on the job always meet Tristate’s exacting standard. Website: